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Umbraco 7 HTML Site Map Partial View

@inherits Umbraco.Web.Mvc.UmbracoTemplatePage
@{ var home = CurrentPage.Site(); }

@if (home.Children.Any())
    @* Get the first page in the children *@
    var naviLevel = home.Children.First().Level;
    var listChildPages = "false";

    @* Add in level for a CSS hook *@
    <ul style="margin-top:0px;paddin:0px;font-size:16px;">          
        @* For each child page under the home node *@
        <li><a href="/" title="@CurrentPage._siteTitle">Home</a></li>
        @foreach (var childPage in home.Children.Where("Visible"))
            if (childPage.Children.Any() && listChildPages =="true"  && != 1110)
                <li style="margin-bottom:5px;">
                            <a href="@childPa…

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