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Umbraco Razor, How to Connect and Query to a SQL Database and Loop around the Results, and use a Helper to display the results

1. Connect to the Database (the connection string must be in the Web config file) 2. Loop around the results (this code loops around a database that stores vistits to FAQ pages, and stores the Page ID) 3. Use a helper to display the results KEY: Field names in Database  @inherits umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicNodeContext @using WebMatrix.Data @{ // 1 Contect to the Database and Select the items         var DB = Database.Open("myAnalyticsConnection"); var FAQs = DB.Query("SELECT * FROM Analytics WHERE docType='FAQ'  ORDER BY numberOfClicks DESC").Take(5); } @{ // 2For Each of the Items(FAQs) loop arround foreach (var FAQ in FAQs) { @getPageLink(FAQ. pageId ) } } @helper getPageLink(int thisPage) { //3.  A Helper to get the node URL, as this is not stored in the database try { var thisPageId = @Model.NodeById(@thisPage); <li style="text-align:left;background-image: url(/images/arrow-white.png);&quo

Umbraco Razor C# Hide a site from Search engies and Visitors while it is in development

If you are working on a site that is on a live server and has the live url, you could create a page on another site with a link on it that directs to your development site. Give your client, or whoever you want to see the development site a link to that page.  When they click the link they will be able to see the actual live website.  Without the link they are redirected to a "under development" page.     var myReferrer = Request.UrlReferrer;         string thisString = "" + myReferrer;          if (thisString == null  || thisString == ("www.A-PAGE-ON-ANOTHER-SITE-WITH-A LINK.html") || Session["legit"] == "yes" )         {                     Session["legit"] = "yes";         }     else         {            Response.Redirect("");         }