Umbraco - Richtext TinyMCE editor not showing or disappeared in the Contect Section

1)  Test: if you change the property Type in your DocType to MultiTextBox and go back you should now see the HTML version of your content.  Now, change the Type Back to a RichTextEditor.

2) Dowload another version of Umbraco, or find another install of Umbraco from a live site.

3) Copy the tinyMceConfig.config and write over the one in your broken Umbraco instance. The file is in the Folder website rout--> Config

4) Test the Site

5) If that has not sorted it, copy the folder tinymce3 (dependant on version) from your working version and overwrite the folder in your broken version.   The folder can be found in: web site rout--> umbraco_client


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