Umbraco Razor. Read Contents of A CSV File and Create nodes

The Script below reads the contents of a CSV Spreasheet in Razor, in Umbraco.

It's pretty specific for something I was working on, but there are bits of code that can be reused: Loading a CSV file in Razor, Reading the Contents of a CSV file in Razor, Creating Nodes in Umbraco from a CSV file in Razor, Deleting Nodes using Razor.

@inherits umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicNodeContext
@using umbraco.cms.businesslogic.web

  <!-- This Script Reads from a CSV file in the Data App Folder -->
  <!-- It then finds Dates in the File and Creates New Event Nodes with the Date as part of the name-->
  <!-- There are 3 Types of Events, so it selects the type of event which is decided on by the column it is in-->
  <!-- See the CSV for examples-->

   <!-- The ETSR Mettings comes from a file "ETSRMeeting.csv" that should be stored in the App_Data folder.
    The file is read in and used in the Events Calander. -->
   <!-- Further Documentation at -->
   <!-- -->

   <!-- If an ETST Event Node exists with the same (or very similar name) the script deletes it before creating the new node -->
   <!-- The reason for this is the script may be run a few times and we do not want to keep creating new nodes for the same event -->

   <!-- This Script is split in to 2 Sections-->
   <!-- The *Helper createEventNode is called from the Main Section-->
   <!-- The **Main Section Reads the File and Decide what bits Are Dates-->

var theEventNode = 1404; //Manualy chcnge this below if the node moves

   <!-- **************** START HELPER ******************************************->
   <!-- *Try and Create the Node with thie Info that has been passed in -->
   <!-- This info that is getting passed to it, is the date of the event and the type of event -->
   <!--  Depending on the type of event, tick the related tick box -->

   @helper createEventNode (string dateIn, string formatedDateIn, string dateType, int dateTypeRef)
        var successfulPost = false;
        <p>Attemting to Create an Event Node with the Following Details:
            <br />
            '@dateIn' |-  <strong>@dateType</strong>

         var dt = DocumentType.GetByAlias("AnEvent");
         if (dt != null)
             try {
                 var author = umbraco.BusinessLogic.User.GetUser(0);
                 var nodeName = @dateType + " " + @dateIn;

                 <!-- Lets see if the Node has been created before-->
                 <!-- If So, Lets Delete it -->
                 <!-- As -->
                 var listOfExistingNodes = Document.GetChildrenBySearch(1404, @nodeName);
                 foreach (var existingNode in listOfExistingNodes)
                     <p>Node Already Exists; so deleting the existing one (@existingNode.Id) first.</p>
                       Document docToDelete = new Document(@existingNode.Id);
                       catch{<p>Cannot Delete</p>}  


                 <!-- Lets Create The Node -->                      
    var doc = Document.MakeNew(@nodeName, dt, author, 1404);
                 doc.getProperty("eventName").Value =  @dateType + "";
                 doc.getProperty("eventDate").Value =   @formatedDateIn;

<!-- Fill in Tick Boxes -->
doc.getProperty("ETSRCategory").Value =  @dateTypeRef;


                 successfulPost = true;
                     successfulPost = false;
            <p>!The Data Type Does Not Exist</p>  
         if (successfulPost){
             <p>Node Created</p>
        else{<p>Cannot Create Node</p>}
         <hr />

<!--******************************END HELPER *****************************-->

    <!-- ** Read the CSV File, Find Dates, Pass them to the Helper along with the Type of Date/Event-->
try {
var dataFile = Server.MapPath("~/App_Data/ETSRMeeting.csv");
Array eventData = File.ReadAllLines(dataFile);

foreach (string dataLine in eventData)
                    int columnInSpreadsheet = 0;
  foreach (string dataItem in dataLine.Split(','))
                        // Lets Check to see if we are on the Dates ex: 10/12/2013
                        if (dataItem.Length == 10 && dataItem.Contains("/"))
                                columnInSpreadsheet  += 1;

// The umbraco date picker is in US Format,
// Our Spreadsheet is in UK Format,
// So we need reformat the date
// You cannot change the date in the date picker to UK in the config files,
// Not consistently through an umbraco install.

var thisDay = dataItem.Substring(0,2);
var thisMonth = dataItem.Substring(3,2);
var thisYear =  dataItem.Substring(6,4);

var thisDate = thisYear + "/" + thisMonth + "/" + thisDay;

// 59, 60, 61 relate to the values in the Datatype
                                if (columnInSpreadsheet  == 1)
                                   @createEventNode(@dataItem, @thisDate, "ETSR Deadline Submission to Mailbox", 59);                    
                                if (columnInSpreadsheet  == 2)
                                   @createEventNode(@dataItem, @thisDate, "ETSR Meeting Date", 60);
                                if (columnInSpreadsheet  == 3)
                                    @createEventNode(@dataItem, @thisDate, "Executive Team Meeting Date", 61);                                        
else {
<p>Cannot Format the Date!!!! -> Error! @dataItem </p>

  <br />
catch {
<h2>Error:  Chck to see if the file ETSRMeeting.csv exists.  </h2>



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