Convert an SDF file to a MDF - File useful for Umbraco 7

How to convert a SDF Compact Database file to a full blown SQL Server MDF file.

PART ONE (change the SDF file to MDF file):

a) Install SQL Server Compact Toolbox runtime

b) Start SQL Server Compact Toolbox runtime

c) Select Add and Browse to the SDF file that you want to convert

d) Select Sctipt Database Scheme and Data (this will produce a script)

PART TWO (import the database in to SQL Server
Management Studio)

a) In SQL Server Management Studio create a Blank Database

b) Right Click on the new database and select New Query

c) Paste in the script and press execute: this will create all the Umbraco tables.

Now you just need to update your umbraco config file to point to the new database.


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